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Create your own unique design

Show everyone that you are a team! Professional or amateur, all teams deserve the best. Team wear in your own colors and design builds team spirit and a sense of belonging – and you look great out there on the trail. We have made it easy for you to design something unique specifically for your team.

Here you can experiment with colors and patterns until you have created your ultimate team design. It’s fun – and it’s free! You can try as much as you want, you can choose from a variety of templates, experiment with colors, place logos – and in an instant you will see the result. If you are not satisfied, just try again. And you can get the same design and colors on the track suits, vests and headgear too, so that it becomes a cohesive collection.

When you are satisfied with the design fill in the company or team you represent, approximately how many team members you are and click “Send”. We’ll be back with a favorable offer as soon as possible. If you prefer our designer to draft a unique design for you, they are always ready to help you. This requires you have accepted our offer beforehand.

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